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The Institute’s Mission is “To champion excellence in architecture and the built environment” and our vision is to see “Singapore as an Architecture Capital”.

The Institute’s general objectives are:

- To generate in our community a greater awareness and appreciation of the value of a sustainable approach in good design and the built environment.
- To advance the theory and practice of architecture through the support and reward for quality research and innovation in architectural design, practice and education.
- To continually upgrade through the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programme, the level of professionalism among architects in order to better serve our community.
- To promote and provide a common template among architects through a collective vision of working towards a dignified and caring profession that upholds a high standard of professional conduct and ethics.
Interior Design Confederation (Singapore) is a non-profit organisation and a registered society under Singapore law.

First registered in 2003, IDCS evolved from the merger of two professional organisations – the Interior Designers Association and the Society of Interior Designers (Singapore), which had similar goals and objectives.

The core members of IDCS are individual designers qualified to provide interior design and related services. Professionals within the confederation’s membership provide these services under a wide range of circumstances across all living, recreational and commercial sectors.

The confederation spearheads industry initiatives to reinforce our goals, which are:
To promote a clearer understanding of our profession
To raise the profile of our members
Increase the level of professionalism of our members, thereby elevating theCrespect and status of these professionals and the profession as a whole within the business community.
Managing corporate and individual expectations with regards to the level of service our members provide under fair contractual conditions.
The collection and sharing of information relevant to the conduct and execution of our profession in Singapore.

The Confederation assists and advises organisations and persons working in related areas such as architecture, engineering, property development, building and construction. We are in close contact with government departments, institutions and neighbouring design associations. We are also members of SDA (Singapore Design Alliance), APSDA (Asia Pacific Space Designers Association) and IFI (International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers).