how to optimize small 3 bedroom layout

whobigdaddy 1234
18 September 2018

Hi Houzz experts

Our family will be starting our renovation journey soon... haven't select a ID yet though.

i like to seek experts' advice or experience how to best optimze our new place... as I feel that it is pretty small....

Some background :

1) 86 sqm2

2) couple with 2 kids (3years(girl), 9years(boy)

3) preferred theme : Eclectic.

4) flooring is marble.

I feel that the living room space looks small and we do entertain guest(8-10 people max) sometimes. If possible we wanted to put in an extendable dining table(4->8) that can seat 8 person too.

We are thinking to remove the walls in Bedroom 3 to combine it into the living room space.

I also have some Toys collection (30ish 12inch figures) that i like to display in bedroom 3 if it is open. Need a big display cabinet for that.

Bedroom 2 will be the room for 2 kids. Looks like i have to buy a double-deck bed as it looks pretty small too ....

Questions :

a) How to achieve the best use of bedroom 3 +living room for few purpose, i) display for toys, ii) maximise entertainment space, iii) closed up when need be as guest room or when the boy is older have his own room probably in 3-4years time iv) play area for kids on normal days..

b) Living area will have to fit tv, sofa, side table as well but where/which direction to place it given that now bedroom3 is open up?

c) There is no storage room, we are still trying to figure out where to build storage cabinet to keep the stuff (eg. kids toy, books, groceries, bulky stuff or lugguage etc). I am afraid building too much storage cabinet might make the whole place looks even smaller. Thoughts?

d) The ceiling height is 2.8m, will building a small loft be feasible?

e) I like to have a small work area too, just a desk for laptop will do... haven't thought of where i can create it too....not the highest priority

f) Any other way to maximize space is welcome, we are open to hack any wall too.

Any advice is highly appreciated. :)

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  • HotelAC
    Ok congrats on your new home! Here’s an option. Opening br3 with sliding panels. the tv goes to other side at wall. sofa has to rotate. passageway at least 800mm. dont worry if it cuts your living-dining. your living orientation now is living/br3. at br3 I took some space for storage, the depth min. to fit your luggage w/ more shelves above. br3 will still look decent with sofabed, toy display (and small desk) or if you can work on that sofabed with a 750high round table to save space. don’t forget to add same area rug to bind the 2 spaces visually. sorry no loft space ceiling too low. space for extendable dining table will still work. Well that’s it hope this opens up to more ideas. consult other ID’s also and see how they address your space and consolidate all the good points. happy renovating!
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  • whobigdaddy 1234

    Hi HotelAC, thank you very much for spending the time to look through our floorplan and giving some briliant suggestions!! Highly appreciated.

    We are looking at the cabinet opening being on the walkway into the BR, that is really a good idea. Any materials on laminate or finishing that you would recommend to avoid the storage cabinet looking too bulky?

    Overall we are looking at eclectic theme for the whole place, I was thinking if anyone in this forum had suggestions with the mix of colours, materials, finishings?

    Just want to get some tips on the do's and don't's for such theme :)

  • HotelAC
    The br3 wall need to be modified to allow space for the storage space. It’s built-in to wall with concealed doors with finish to match your walls. Now for colors, this is personal taste. I can only suggest your walls in neutral color like white. the colors you apply on the furnitures, pillows, art. there’s alot of inspiration here in houzz search ‘eclectic’ .
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  • John Lim
    In 3 years time, you need to put back the wall since u have a 9 yrs old Son hitting teenager and expect own space or your girl would prefer her private space as girl and part of build self-respected lady. Beginning putting them together helps build bond and family strength. Best to start building independence early, makes your parenting easier.

    Build a home rather than a house. A space is meant to build relationship. With your family size, I would not suggest breaking wall.

    Extend living room, best is extending into balcony by creating same levels as living room. Now got zip blinds which seal aircon space within balcony open to living.

    Having glass showcase is good for your toys display. See idea from Ikea.

    For your new home starting, get basic done prosper. Basic means the essentials. For other parts, take your time and enjoy finding more ideas and shopping around till the great feeling comes to u. If not sure, I think Ikea has many combinations so if u do not like after few years, easy to do make-over. Expensive furniture is too painful to change. Ha!

    More space for bedroom? use the folding type beds and double as study table. I use platform bed like Japanese room. For Long dining tables, there are extendable type when guests comes. Ikea comes cheapest. There are premium in other Malls. Get extra chair that is stackable not foldable, hurt kids fingers and takes space.

    Have fun!
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  • PRO
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