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all plans are looking so good, that without the same, place looks something missing!!! great!!! congratulations!!!
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Tina Williams
lurchsmum, go to your local mall for inspiration. If it survives here in complete artificial light the plant will survive your tinted windows.
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Lynette Ludbrook

Species that have served me well over the years (since the 1960s), include hoya carnosa, (57 year old plant adorns my sunroom), Spathyphylum, aspidistra, ficus benjamanii, and marata. I grow succulents facing north and west indoors successfully. I also have a coffee plant thriving in my sunroom! Cool south facing windows with indirect sun and no direct heat are great for cyclamens in winter. Put them outside after flowering. The species varieties will come up again the following year. Maidenhair ferns and aspleniums (bird nest ferns) are great for big bathrooms! Boston ferns are also very tough and easy to grow indoors! Over the years some of my house plants have thrived to the point that they outgrew their location and have had to be rehomed and occasionally sold! These have included monsteria deliciousa, ficus benjamanii and an aralia! Feed with a dilute seaweed solution the colour of weak tea in spring. Do not overwater, test to see if the soil is dry before watering with your fingers. Repot when your plant outgrows its container or get burned or yellowing tips or margins. Dust or wipe the leaves over with a damp cloth four or five times a year! If your plant doesn't seem happy in its initial spot, move it to a different place with more shade or light. Group plants together., in a few areas where light meets their needs rather than having one or two dotted here and there! Vary height and leaf textures, forms and colour for the best displays!

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