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We built an open home and have only found one drawback; noise. With a baby and a toddler that head to bed early, the noise on cleaning up after dinner, and chatting about the day or the schedule travels easily throughout the house even though I installed rockwool noise insulation in walls doors (especially when slightly open the way children like them) transmit sounds well. And TV noise... learn to have it on less. We turn it on for one show a week. Family is much better entertainment.

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Kimberley McKeown
I live in an open plan 3 bedroom cottage. I made it open plan because there was an old partition in disrepair that seemed like it was just stuck in the middle of the main floor. Taking it down after checking that it wasn’t structural, opened up the space to allow anyone to enjoy the water views from anywhere on the main floor. Closing off the space would mean obstructing the views. My only issue is the kitchen mess, but I’m exploring creative views to close it off fully or partially once I update the kitchen.
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Ingrid David

This article was spot on and makes me think of my experience with First Florida. Their team of experts were very professional, friendly and worked with us every step of the way to give us the home of our dreams. So if you're looking to build your own home or just make some refined additions to the current one, First Florida can definitely help you! Check them out at and see all that they have to offer.


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