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I do as suggested, use my finger to check the top layer to see if they need water, then the rule is,stand pot in container of water (say 20cm deep, for half hour,once a week.They only take up what they are needing.Drain well after.

I do not water anything from top,there are nasty little invasive flies that live in moist soil so it prevents them, if watered from bottom.

I trial move plants that are not thriving,I have found a peace lily loves a cool room with no direct sun,this was after years of some sun and damaged leaves.

I use a plant fertilizer or worm tea in the growing season.

Repotting,they can suffer transplant shock,so try not to disturb the roots much. Put them somewhere cool for a week or so after repotting, so they can recover.

I have found good solutions googling, so if something fails to thrive,I look for answers and I recently saved a slipper orchid,after finding that some sphagum moss and crushed eggshell in the mix, fixed its health very quickly.

Always something to learn.

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Yes so many houseplants have different watering needs. I usually wait until the soil feels dry, then I water from the bottom. Succulents I leave for a good 3 weeks then again water from the bottom. I spray mist the plants whenever I remember except for the succulents. Plants aren’t keen on our dry centrally heated air. They all seem to be doing well so far!

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Alexa Burgess

Great reminder to pull back on watering during those cooler winter months!

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