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deborah eade

We all define clutter differently, but living on a tiny income stops new gadgets arriving on the scene. For the last few years, I've applied a strict one item in , two items out regarding my own clothes and shoes. Everything leaving the house that is still in good nick goes to a charity shop; if not, used as a duster or chucked out. I would struggle, however, to limit ourselves to just two sheets, two duvet covers and four pillow cases per bed. I don't want to be compelled to wash and iron all that stuff (all cotton) every week for four people!

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><md>It’s also about the ever- evolving family and its needs. Books as children get older, their coursework, artwork, changes in fashion etc. My biggest problem is getting rid of items that are still pretty perfect but are no longer needed
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Revive Your Space

Hi @sunshineday41, I would like to gently suggest that items that are in great condition can be the easiest ones to get rid of, as your local charity shop will love to sell these on. If you find that these items are gifts, please don't feel guilty about passing them on. You may, however, want to see if you can ask family and friends not to give you physical gifts. Unfortunately for me - I've only managed this with one half of my family!!

As a professional declutterer I find it so interesting how different we all are and each of us has different things we find it easy or difficult to part with. Often my role is helping as an emotional support as we sort and declutter. Once you've identified what you find difficult to let go of it can help to consider why you find it difficult - this is often a surprisingly therapeutic process!

I'm also surprised how many people don't have memory boxes and it's often something I suggest in my first session with clients - a special and safe place to keep a select few precious items :)

Get in touch with me if you're in Yorkshire/East Lancs or find your local organiser:

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