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Simple rule of thumb for children's books, in my always-opinion......children's books need to be accessible to children at all times :)) I love the words library and bookshelves, rather than 'storage', when it comes to a collection of books. With respect, IMHO, books are living things, not occasional design adjuncts. I love the "go all out" idea here in this post. Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!

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We went for non standard - my husband built the unit. We let the wall colour come through. There’s an accessible section under the TV for our little reader. Lots of colorful storage boxes complete this amazing space.
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Amanda Woolley
For picture books I don’t think you can beat crates. Browsing is easy as you can flick through (like in a record store!) and books are easily returned to the front of the crate - you don’t need to find the exact place it came from like with ledges or shelves. They do take up more floor space but even in our old house of less than 700sq ft we fit them under a sideboard used to store the other toys. Also a simple cardboard box works just fine and can look good too.

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