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Yes, many do. It’s reflective of one’s values.

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I have recently had a slow process, of going through wardrobes discarding clothes, culling office paperwork, laundry cupboards, kitchen Knick knacks ect, including hubby going thru our small garden shed. My best advice, don’t try to do it all in one day. One section at a time, some thing like office paperwork required 2-3 culls.
As we get older I find we need so much less, and despair on the mount of money wasted. Our parents owned very little and would think the money spent is frivolous. They spent money on simpler like good food.
It is a freeing experience having a purge, best thing ever.
My problem is to think twice before making a purchase,
And Not buy more Dust collecting crap.

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Lost my aunt quite unexpectedly and as executor of the estate was charged with going through everything and selling her condo. Sad experience, but also an "aha" moment for myself and husband. We decided to sell the big family home and downsize now, in our 50's, instead of waiting. Was difficult at first. but the kids didn't want three quarters of what we had been saving. We live differently now, not as formal. No one wanted the antiques. We kept what we wanted and auctioned off the rest. Very freeing move for us. No more yard work. No more caring for "things". Free to travel and live without the shackles of "things" weighing on us. Less stuff left for our kids to sort through after we are gone!


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