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As a child I was terrified of going into the room that was destined to become an indoor WC and bathroom because there was a fox fur poking out of the top of a tea chest. I don't know why my very working class Nan had it, a hand down from a previous generation. What do we do with these poor long dead animals? Throw them away? I left a beaver lamb coat given to her by a cousin in the 1960s in my Mother's wardrobe after she died. I couldn't bear to just throw it in a skip. I left the decision to the house clearance people.... The house is still beautiful though.
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Lucy Mathers
So... two teachers live in a home, that they've remodeled and filled with things they've collected and are well loved, that was once, among other things, a biker hang out for the notoriously criminal Bandidos gang, who were at one time in a heated rival with another notoriously criminal biker gang, Hell's Angel??? And all of this takes place, not in L.A., but in Denmark!? It sounds so ridiculous! But it's all true and their home is just beautifully sweet, inside and out. ❤❤
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Very whimsical......its always special when you complete the labour of love yourself and get to look back at what your hard work can accomplish (as hubby and I do). It's just something that comes and that you just don't get when you hire people to do it for you. It's really what makes a house a home. These two have lots to be proud of with all of their great efforts.


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