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Margaret Barkley
For our Australian xmas our family serve cold smoked salmon, cold ham and salads especially avocado. It’s too hot for a roast and hot veg though many aussies still do it that way. We also picnic in the park if it’s not too hot - no mess, no fuss and great for kids and pets otherwise it’s at home and into the swimming pool. Our new tradition - only presents for kids. This means we buy for one baby only plus our kid. The kids are the ones who love the presents , or at least the wrapping paper. The adults are trying to declutter and save the planet. Trees in pots don’t work well here. It’s hard not to kill them due to the heat and they need for endless watering. Our family are all allergic to pine trees so this year we have a tiny 3D jigsaw Xmas tree which we will reuse every year. It’s gorgeous and can’t be decorated. We do lots of solar coloured lights outside in the garden but it’s not dark till after 9 pm so none of the kids get to see them
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Re pinecones: some good instructions here:

before you follow this process, make sure you give them a good shake out and a gentle knock upside to dislodge as many residents as possible. A hairdryer on maximum force, cold setting, is good to help evict unwanted guests. Especially if you have one of those jet nozzles

Then, follow the instructions et voila!

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Brilliant article and comments! Thank you all. I don’t really ‘do’ Christmas any more but these ideas are all do-able and environmentally sensitive. I almost feel inspired to like Christmas now!


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