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TAKE YOUR TIME! It's not a race. I see so many people burned out because they constantly think they HAVE to have it finished by Christmas (family coming) or some other landmark event in their minds. A bathroom will not be renovated in a few hours, sometimes it can take weeks. A kitchen is going to do your head in so plan for that now. Whack a microwave elsewhere and get used to washing in the basin in the bathroom. It WILL take time and you will need to learn to take yours in the appropriate manner.

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Renovations take time, planning and in our case saving for! We have done minor repairs and major improvements to our home over 7 years. We're not finished yet and that suits us just fine.
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Focus Demolition & Asbestos Removal

Thanks for a great article. My advice is to also not forget the hidden elements of a renovation. I would suggest getting a professional to look at whether there is any asbestos in your home.

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