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Cheryl Khan
@Becky Harris Don't let the "Pointy butt" mislead you. Have you ever had a chance to sit in them? I have and let me tell you, they are soo comfortable! I just did a 5 Part Series on the Acapulco Chair here on the Patio Productions Blog. This is Part 1:

I covered the history of it (or what we know), how it's made, decorating tips, and then a few spin offs of the Acapulco Chair. I learned so much on this project and I know other's would appreciate it. If anyone reads it, leave a comment and let me know what you think! Thanks all! =)

Below are pictures of the Moëbius chair by Pedro Reyes and El Medio Día by Sebastian Lara. I talked all about them in Part 4 entitled, "Spin Offs of the Acapulco Chair"
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I love these chairs. I go to Acapulco every winter and you can see them everywhere. They are not only beautiful but quite comfortable and functional.
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James Cruz

These chairs are fabulous!


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