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I pack and unpack houses for a living. We find badly planned storage a constant annoyance. Rails in wardrobes hung at a standard height - you should take into account the height of the man of the house - very often there's not enough room and jackets or shirts trail on the bottom of the wardrobe (which incidentally immediately renders that space useless for shoe storage) , or over the clothes on the rail below. Consider using the whole height to the ceiling and install cantilever rails. Another boo boo is not to take into account the shoe sizes of the owner when planning storage - and this is further complicated when the current fashion for pointy toes means they take up a lot of space.

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Bethamy Gwanlaung

Another great article. When we were having some work done, the guy who came out to measure and quote used a laser measure pointer without double checking with a manual retractable one, (so when the installers came they found the measurements were right out. Something to keep in mind.

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Aura9 Design

Very helpful article, thanks!

On the subject of shelves that are too deep an option to keep in mind would be to store things in drawers or baskets that you can pull out - but it does depend on what you're storing (stacks of linen wouldn't work too well, but bottles/cleaning products would) and also how high up the shelves are (if it's a top shelf you'll need to lift the basket down to see into it).


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