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Calathea lancifolia, introduced by Stewart's Greenhouses of Mount Dora, Florida. Photographed by Debra Prinzing
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1. Prayer plant (Calathea insignis) Its showy foliage – wavy-edged, lance-shaped leaves that are pale and dark green and purplish red on the underside – will fold together as if in prayer towards the end of the day, hence, the name ‘prayer plant’. Also known as ‘rattlesnake plant,’ this evergreen perennial tolerates low light conditions, is soft to the touch and pet-friendly.
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Prayer plant (Calathea insignis).Native to Central and South America, this tropical plant enjoys high levels of humidity and heat, and while it doesn’t mind bright light (as long as it’s not direct sun), it will thrive in low light conditions. The hardy nature of this plant makes it quite easy to care for, and as an added bonus they are completely non-toxic.TELL USWhich plant do you have in your home? Share your tips on plant care in the Comments below.

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North-facing windows Philippine Evergreen Caution: berries and sap are toxic
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Peacock Plant - good for North Facing
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Peacock Plant (Calathea spp.) Striking beauty. Peacock plant, or zebra plant, is grown for its leaves. They’re strongly marked in shades of green, yellow and red and almost look artificial. The plant grows to about 2 feet tall. This is one low-light plant that is fussy. It likes a bit more water and higher temperatures than many other low-light plants. It also needs higher humidity and likes continually moist but not soggy soil. Try growing it on a pebble tray or even under glass. Grow it in regular potting mix. It prefers daytime temperatures of 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit (21 to 29 degrees Celsius). Peacock plants are also sensitive to chemicals in water. Feed the soil monthly with a half-strength balanced fertilizer. If it gets enough humidity, it’s relatively pest- and problem-free.
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Calathea... Medium to low light plant

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