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A swimming pool can be a heavenly thing during the hot and humid Singaporean months. It can be a great way to cool down, relax, entertain friends, and even get fit. Complete with stylish pool tiles, lighting and landscaping, a successful pool design can also complement your home. If your landed property or private condo doesn’t have room for a large pool, then a hot tub or swim spa are luxurious alternatives. Ready to get your hair wet? Before you start planning your new pool design, dip your toes into the photos on Houzz. You’ll discover ideas and inspiration for above ground pools and inground pools, as well as landscaping and novelty features.

What type of pool should I install?

The dimensions of your yard will determine the type of inground pool you can install. Fibreglass versions are cheaper, and quicker to install; whereas concrete constructions are better suited to tricky sites and give you more freedom in design. If you’re on a tight budget or don’t want to commit to an inground pool, an above ground pool or hot tub are more affordable alternatives, with the latter involving a lot less maintenance, too.

If you only have a small yard, a plunge pool is a great solution, and can easily run along a boundary wall or down the side of a house. This option is also low maintenance and can do double duty as a swim spa. A long, narrow space, on the other hand, could fit a lap pool, whereas a water feature could fill an awkward space. If your yard features a stunning vista, consider an infinity pool to accentuate the view.

What swimming pool extras and accessories can I add?

Even though pools are naturally fun, there are many ways to magnify their fun factor. Install a diving board, slide or small waterfall to make swimming more enjoyable, and add floats, toys and loungers for ultimate relaxation. A gazebo can help with entertaining during parties, while an outdoor shower and changing station come in handy once you're ready to head indoors.

Timber decking and stone paving are popular choices for pool surrounds, and are also helpful in creating zones. Just imagine a raised timber platform with a daybed – a luxurious, resort-style addition to any pool design. Leafy trees and rocks will create a more natural-looking oasis, and will help provide more privacy for swimmers. Where you want your landscape to be the main focus, keep pool equipment and furnishings to a minimum.

Photo by Senichiro Nogami / 野上仙一郎
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A perfect melding of interior, exterior, and the environment was made possible through tight knit collaboration between the interior designers, architect and developer from the get-go. The infinity pool plunges towards the waterway, conveying a seamless vista that beckons invitingly.
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The Logan Residence is first a private museum, and second a personal winter residence. Their art is one of the top contemporary collections in the world, and the goal was to make the architecture an equally significant addition. After several studies, it was mutually decided the program would be about multiple galleries, each with a different daylighting technique. “I want a place for my art collection – Then I want to live there.” – Kent Logan Architect: Jones Studio, inc. Contractor: the construction zone, ltd. Photo Credit: Ed Taube
How about this, but with stairs going the opposite way so they come down to the tub.... - kyle_knight57

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Peter Koenig Landscape Designer, Gene Radding General Contracting, Creative Environments Swimming Pool Construction
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