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When you have a sunroom, less-than-ideal weather conditions can’t stop you from enjoying your surrounding landscape. A step up from an exposed deck or patio, sunrooms provide shelter from rain, wind and bugs, essentially extending the outdoor season — hence the term four season rooms. There are no limits when it comes to uses for a sunroom addition. Commonly, people take advantage of the plentiful sunlight and use them as informal conservatories or a garden room. If you don’t have a green thumb, you might use it as an additional indoor living space or create a relaxed outdoor feeling, like an enclosed patio or porch. With plenty of sunroom ideas to draw inspiration from, it’s helpful to know some of the basics about these structures before you start your addition or remodel.

What materials are sunrooms built with?

A combination of brick, cement and wood often make up the base, or “knee wall”, which supports the large windows. Clear insulated glass or storm windows are used for the majority of the walls — they allow the maximum amount of sunlight into the space while also trapping heat. With the close relative, screened-in porches, the glass might be replaced with window screens to allow for airflow in warmer climates.

Roofing on solariums can vary. Depending on the preference of the homeowner, the roof may be consistent with their conventional roofing, or could also be glass/plastic panels that let in lots of light. If you’re willing to pay a bit more, these panels are available with coating designed to reflect ultraviolet rays. Flooring in sunrooms was traditionally tiled to deal with possible leaks, but improved building methods allow for all types of flooring to be installed.

What type of sunroom decor do I need?

Chances are your sunroom decor and furniture will see a high amount of direct sunlight. Keep this in mind when choosing pieces, since some fabrics and materials can quickly fade or become uncomfortably hot. Outdoor furniture will generally stand up well to the heat and light exposure of all-season rooms and patio enclosures, but don’t be afraid to mix and match with indoor pieces as well. Wicker and seagrass are good options, while you might want to steer away from plastic or metal pieces. Installing shades or blinds is a smart way to prolong the life of your sunroom furniture and accessories when the space is not in use.

Can sunroom additions double as conservatories?

Absolutely. If your solarium roof lets in light, a conservatory or garden room is an excellent use for the space. You will want to fill it with plants that like lots of sunlight and are resistant to temperature change (conservatories can be hot during the day and chilly at night). Succulents and more exotic plants tend to do well, but if you are prepared to pay close attention to your plants, you can grow most varieties in a sun room, including fruits and vegetables.

Now get out there and make your sunroom ideas a reality!

Bar table from dinning area to living room - evonne_yappies

Fauzi Anuar
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The living area for a acclaim Singapore movie director. Industrial looking cement screed walls with large size concrete lookalike homogeneous floor tiles. Accessorized with vantage and retro decors and furniture. Living area used of modern danish sofa and accessories. With the director's favorite vantage collection "The Capital Cinema seat'
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Lista Concrete Table 140cm x 80cm $599 Midwest Stool 41cm x 41cm $199

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Dining + Bar - As with the Living space, the asymmetrically aligned ceiling helps in the subtle definition of Dining from the Bar.

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