Hammocks & Swing Chairs

Nothing has us snoozing like a baby more than cozy hammocks. Whether located indoors or out, a hammock’s snug shape makes for a perfect lazy day rest stop. Similarly, a hanging chair brings back childhood memories of sunny days on the playground trying to see how high we could swing. Whichever style you choose, there’s a perfect hammock or hanging chair out there waiting for you to snuggle up in. Here are a few hints to get you on the right track when buying yours:

What kinds of hammocks are there?

Before you begin hunting for your new relaxation nest, think about where your hammock will be used the most. You should also consider how many people would use it — if it’s just you, a small size will do, but if the family wants to snuggle up too, there’s always a hammock bed. Here’s a quick summary of each type to consider:

• Quilted: These hammocks sound ultra comfy, and rightly so. They feature a plush center sandwiched between layers of fabric. Canvas is the most durable and weatherproof material choice for staying outdoors, whereas cotton is the most susceptible to mold and mildew buildup. Some designs intended for use by the pool or lake feature quick-drying materials, as well.

• Rope: The classic hammock style, this cozy design lets air flow through the gaps in the rope weave, making them perfect for hot sunny days or island retreats. Again, keep in mind a cotton rope hammock will be more susceptible to mildew or mold than other rope fiber options like polyester.

• South American: These hammocks look exotic with bright colors, patterns and tassels. They typically come in a Brazilian or Mayan style.

• Chair: If you lack enough space for a full-size hammock or simply prefer not to share, a hammock chair is a great alternative. Their design is also more stable and less prone to flipping you over while you get comfy, which makes them a great choice for children (or those of us who lack good balance).

What styles of outdoor hanging chair can I choose from?

Whether you’re into modern furniture or prefer something with a colorful, bohemian vibe, a swing chair can brighten up and complement your home’s exterior or even a living room. Many styles come shaped like leaves or nests, while still others look as if they defy gravity.

• Hanging egg chair: These egg-shaped, human-sized baskets look great both indoors and out. They resemble an egg cut in half from top to bottom and often have a pillow tucked in the bottom. They come in a variety of materials, colors and styles.

• Hanging cocoons: You can get the full cocoon effect with this style, which resembles a tent suspended by a rope or chain. Made popular by the Cacoon brand of hanging chairs, it makes a great playhouse or reading nook for kids.

Where should I set up my hammock or swing chair?

Most hammocks and hanging chairs go outside, but if you have enough space and the right setup for suspension, these cozy seats can work just as well indoors. Hanging hammocks and chairs can be mounted on a covered porch, deck and patio or inside — wherever there’s a ceiling to suspend them from. A hammock bed is best placed in between trees or on a stand since it’s bigger and requires more room. Wherever you decide to place your new hanging recliner, be sure you properly install it.