When it comes to relaxation, your couch is king. Treat them right, and they’ll offer a comfy rest stop for nighttime Netflix marathons, ferocious video game duels, and your closest friends when they pay a visit. With such a wide variety of couches, including sofa beds for those late night guests, it’s easy to find the perfect one to complement your home’s style. We’ve put together a few handy tips when it comes to selecting the right couch for you, so take a peek and get browsing!

What size sofa do I need?

The size of your couch and the number you purchase depends on the amount of space you have and the size of your family. If a large corner sofa isn’t your cup of tea, try a clever arrangement with a couple of two- or three-seater sofas. If you have guests who like to spend the night a lot, a sofa bed will come in handy. Whatever option you choose, be sure your new furniture doesn’t overwhelm your space.

How much space do I need around my couch?

The last thing you want is to sink into your new Chesterfield sofa and find that your knees are bumping into your coffee table. Before you make your final purchase, be sure to measure your living area and take into consideration the dimensions of your possible new sofas. Here are some tips to make sure your space is just right:

• Between your couch and coffee table: You’ll want to leave about 18 inches between the coffee table and the edge of your sofa. This much space is far enough that you’ll have ample legroom, but close enough that you can reach anything you set down on the coffee table without straining. Don’t forget about vertical space! The height of your sofa seats should be within four inches of the top of the coffee table.
• Side tables: If you choose to add a pair of end tables to your living room setup, you’ll want them to be about the same height as the arm of your couch.
• Between your couch and the TV: No one wants to strain to see what’s on the screen, but having too small a distance between your comfy leather sofa and the tube is bad for you, too. Find a balance with about seven feet between the big screen and your seating.
• Area rugs: Don’t let your beautiful area rug become just another bath mat. Instead of placing it flush against the legs or edge of your couch, place the rug under at least the front two legs of your furniture.

What kind of sofa fabric works best for my family?

Style is important, and with the huge selection of fabrics and materials available for couches these days it’s easy to have both style and function. Still, some choices just make more sense for certain family situations, and if you have pets or children, you’ll definitely want to choose an option that will wear well. Consider a slipcover or even the sleek look of leather if your little ones or furry friends will be joining you on the couch. Both are easier to clean and will hold up well. If practicality is less important than appearance, try a tufted velvet Chesterfield sofa for a formal living room, or go bold with a colourful microfiber couch.