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Wall treatment
Posted by Vickie Honchen
TraKa Pte Ltd Updated Did you get it done by your contractor?
great bathroom. can you please describe the tile and name if available.
Posted by ashur
TraKa Pte Ltd Updated Where is this sourced from?
Posted by Marc Well
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Love the carpet. Where is it from?
Posted by Wong Vernetta
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Подскажите, пожалуйста, что за плитка?
Posted by knyazheva_darya
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Love the artwork Where was it bought?
Posted by Harpreet G
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Who makes the balcony chair and ottoman?
Posted by hou1204
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Posted by Black Future
Wow.. love the marble flooring!
Posted by Sahil
Posted by Black Future
Hi may I know what's the sofa brand?
Posted by Rebecca Ren
Rebecca Renreally like it
need ideas for accent wall with tv
Posted by Hadi Rashed
Where is the fan from?
Posted by Kharan Coomaraswamy
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Posted by Kristen Hudon
Posted by Ruben Alviar
Width of Room
Posted by davidln
Those bear sculptures! Does anyone know where they're from?
Posted by melandchocolate
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Posted by blahnik1
i love tht couch wheres is it from
Posted by cabbassomedi
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Fan in room
Posted by Christopher Watters
May I ask where I can find these hanging lights?
Posted by Amy Chou
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I really love the flooring. May I know what type of flooring is this?
Posted by zathiah
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whose artist are these paintings? And who is the 3rd men from the left
Posted by marco rancho
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What is the material on the fireplace?
Posted by Melanie Gen
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What size bed is in this room?
Posted by Suzanne Schumacher
Front doors
Posted by Marsha Gibson
what kind of wood is used in the shower and how is it treated?
Posted by Jill
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cabinets finish and material?
Posted by Gary Farber
Posted by thailinda
Who is the manufacturer of the furniture set?
Posted by shifrahubz
where do i get the wallpaper?
Posted by Kirsten Rhode
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What type of wood used here?
Posted by zachtax
Are those concealed storage on the right hand side of the mirror?
Posted by kelvinkstan
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Is this a real brick wall?? or wooden brick panel???
Posted by Mimi Nandi
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Bed frame
Posted by tolo16
Where can you buy this table?
Posted by Avnie Malani
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Posted by ichadab
can you give me the size of this wonderful bathroom?
Posted by rbitterman
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Hi what's the dimension of this closet?
Posted by Tania Chan
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Love the floors ... What type of floor is this,please mention the size
Posted by Afshan Ahmed
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Posted by tottenham
Laurie Georgopoulos Updated where can one get the aluminum metal drawer organizers
What width is this big Blum drawer here in this photo?
Posted by jax355
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Posted by rrrooo2
Fireplace material
Posted by karolmanley
Posted by Ana Paladan
Ana Paladaninterior decorator
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Posted by Sneh Singh
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What is the floor???
Posted by Div Jain
Div JainHi
the sliding glass closet doors
Posted by preshusbundles
Can you tell me the name of the Manufacturer of this table or a store/
Posted by charty33
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Need help
Posted by yummye
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Paul Reinke Designs Updated Portland Cement. Plaster, Olive oil, and Linseed Oil,
Can you please tell me where the coffee table is from?
Posted by ltonkunas
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Who makes the dining chairs and where did you get them?
Posted by bamjamdam
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I love your accent walls!
Posted by Interior Art
Love the gray accent wall!
Posted by Interior Art
where is the table from :) ?
Posted by rachel6551
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Where can I get the chairs?
Posted by Monika Sirko
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Me too
Posted by otisfelix
Ditto on the chairs, where can I get them?!
Posted by Moe C
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Light fixture
Posted by Kite Interior Design
Just asking
Posted by coppola
Where does the bed come from?
Posted by rossemilyk
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drae408 Updated Nice bed
Posted by cfalvo
love the rug. where can i purchase?
Posted by MG
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Is that a glass table top in front of the sofa?
Posted by amackjr
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What is the treatment on the walls? Concrete or paint?
Posted by amackjr
Pino Valentini Updated pittura
Posted by Farnaz Yashar
Are those sliding little closets?
Posted by Ashlie Kingston