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Most parties start and end in the kitchen. Have you ever notice how no matter the size of your kitchen-that's where everyone gathers? The kitchen is truly the central nervous system of your home where people gather, converse, eat and drink. Best party rule "relax and have fun".

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Your 'hood is a friendly one. So we have frequent get-togethers at various homes during the year. None of them "start and end in the kitchen". There are two houses that serve off a kitchen bar/counter, but once the food is taken - everyone migrates elsewhere be it a game room, living room, front yard, back yard or a nice size dining room. But gathering around in kitchens? Nope - that's not the best place unless you wish to constantly smell food, listen to dishes, pots, trays, etc. clunking or ice popping and the fan going. Most people have smaller size kitchens that can only hold less than 4 people. Not great places to party - at least in our 'hood.

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Lampsusa, I agree. We have a semi-open house. Every time we have a party, even when there are 40-50 people, everyone congregates in the kitchen despite the fact that the den is just 10 feet away and I set the food up on the dining room table which is at the other end of the house. It gets so crowded that I have to actually herd people to the den and the attached library which opens to the den. Go figure. I’ve learned over the years to get everything done ahead of time so I’m not trying to cook or clean among a herd of people.


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