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If your bar soap is gunky, check out the Interdesign soap dishes and holders. If you let the soap dry between uses, it won't go gunky. Or use Dr Bronner's castile soap diluted in a foam dispenser.

To cut down on all those cleaning products, all you need is a bottle of Sal Suds and a good spray bottle. Dilute 1 tspn to a litre of water. (You can use it for washing up, laundry and cleaning carpets too). Pleasant to use, environmentally friendly, super ethical and lasts for ages!

(All available on Amazon)

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Aura9 Design

Fully agree that toiletries and cleaning products need to be checked over regularly - if you've not used something in 6 months you probably never will so there's no point keeping it!

Same with towels - it's easy to hang on to those old, worn out towels 'just in case' - but if you'd feel embarrassed about giving them to a guest to use then it's time to get rid of them, or cut them up to use for cleaning jobs!

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deborah eade

K B, I don't know these products (we live in France) but generally use vinegar and sodium bicarbonate for cleaning. We use Aleppo bar soap only for the basins, so it dries out every time. Nobody in the family uses war paint, so that saves time and trouble, as well as extra mirrors. I use up old perfume bottles in drawers and the occasional mistake (liked it in the shop, but didn't work for me in reality) as air fresheners.


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