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I enjoyed looking at your article Georgia, loved them all & gained some ideas, thank you

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I'm a serious amateur artist and I also have a huge professional library of books and recordings. But, unlike LucyH above, I find the minimalist approach very attractive and actually very practical. I don't necessarily like all the interpretations shown here, but some of them do appeal. It's interesting that only 12 and 22 have anything approaching practical shelving for a large library (the shelves on the multilevel wall in 19b aren't exactly conducive to frequent consulting of the contents!), but it's absolutely possible to have a minimalist look while still making space for serious storage/shelving and for hobbies and creative activities. (Another of my hobbies is dance, and if you want to practise at home then a clear, uncluttered space is pretty much essential.) I am definitely attracted to storage solutions that are sleek and streamlined, while still allowing some opportunity for display. And a simple environment with well-chosen colours and textures is a great way to show off a much-loved signature piece of furniture or art.

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Some beautiful and inspiring ideas and images but no. 6 depresses me. It looks like you’d be living in a dark concrete bunker. Claustrophobic!


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