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Atlantic Electrics

Great article! Small appliance garages have moved out by the wayside, which is why many of these solutions are what I'd call the new domestic appliance garage — namely, just a smart area (usually a designated cabinet) where small appliances can sit carefully and comfortably within reach.

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I chose a cupboard, I have to stand on a step stool to reach the ones up high but they are the ones I least use. My knife block is in the cupboard to keep it away from my little granddaughters.

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Establishing a "zone" for appliance storage is a great idea! Whether you select a cupboard with bifold doors, a deep drawer, a pull out underbench or blind corner space, Fit have some cool gear to help turn your vision into reality.

Plus, we recommend considering a pocket door if you're building or renovating your kitchen. Pocket doors slide back inside a double walled cabinet side, so you have full access to cupboard contents without blocking light or walkways!

Here's a few ideas to get you thinking:

Cinetto bifold doors - quality Italian gear. See more in our Houzz project here.

And another Italian option, this one from Salice, in a Houzz project here.

Space saving slide away pocket door, also from Salice of Italy, in our Houzz project here.

German designed and made pull out underbench options from Vauth-Sagel. 4 widths. 3 styles. See more in the Houzz project here.

Appliances can be heavy so if you're leaning towards a drawer option, check out the drawer system's load capacity. Harn Ritma soft close drawers carry 35kg standard, and several models can be upgraded to 60kg. Lots of models to choose from; see them here.

Blind corner spaces are ideal for appliances and other items that you don't use all the time but they can be tricky to access. No one likes crawling about on hands and knees, poking their head into a dark cupboard! Bring the contents out to you with pull out corner units. Fit have German designed and made options from Vauth-Sagel and also value-conscious models from Giamo. See them in our Houzz Ideabook here.

You can also see all these ideas, and so many more to help you make the most of your space, on our website.


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