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It's very useful for me, because my bathroom is also not very spacious.. Thanks for these tips! Some good wares for your bathroom here:

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Add another space problem. This is a mid century ranch with torn up tile that I cannot match, not that I want to. The small full bath now has a tub with a shower. It is a Jack and Jill arrangement with two bedroom doors and a walk way between the doors. There is a wall sink and a hole where a medicine cabinet was before. In my previous house there were sinks on metal frames similar to the one above. I like that storage for towels but would it look even more crowded? I do not live in this house so I am not there to measure. The current occupant likes the tub, but there is no storage. There are two other baths with tubs. The tub now fills that wall, but the rims are wide.

I am considering a small glass and tile shower on the side where the tub/ shower now exists. I would also like to add a narrow storage facility at the other end of the shower similar to the one discussed. The commode and sink are on the opposite wall. Add another problem: No wall studs- Walls have concrete blocks inside with plaster and tile cover. This is a problem for adding grounded plugs.

I like door mirrors and a solar tube to add light. Can this be done in this small space?

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Another GREAT idea for the Towel Bar is to install one on the door hinges. It usually has enough room to hang up to four towels and is a terrific space saver.


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