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Jane Teague

This I would like to see on Houzz.

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This is a great article! We wrote a similar blog post on our blog (how to fit a small piano into a small space). Love all the ideas!

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I had a 1600sqft townhouse and placed my upright piano behind my sectional (not against a wall) to act as both a console table (housed a surround speaker and lamp) and a visual separation between the living room (couch) and dining room (piano) areas. It fit perfectly and looked great! I moved into a 1200 sqft home and had no room for it and had to donate to a young family but am aching for a piano. I love the idea of using a reach-in closet - my oldest will move out soon so i may just have a space to bring a piano back into my home! would love more ideas on furtinure arrangements with uprights


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