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I found her book fascinating for the philosophy and psychology all through it. Proved very helpful with many items .... it was the ones with the strongest emotions linked to them that proved more difficult and needed longer "do i love it" length of time to let it go Many items surprised me with the huge sigh of relief at getting rid of items that might be useful later.

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Regarding heirlooms and gifts from well meaning friends. If it does not bring you joy take a photograph of it to store on your computer before letting it go to some else that will love it via charity shop. That way every time you see the photo you will be reminded of the kind or special thoughts behind the gift. (Don't forget to double back up your computer though. Or you could load them up on a special USB bought for the purpose of jogging your memory.)

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Carol Leigh

Lovely idea aliwix - although I'd be taking the extra step, just with the heirlooms, of asking other family members if the object brings them joy (rather than simply asking them if they'd like to have Great Aunt Flossie's chamber pot) before moving it on to charity.

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