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1larogers, my nonprofessional but educated opinion is that if we frequently wash our hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after handling items brought in from elsewhere, before preparing food, before eating and after using the restroom; and avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth before first washing our hands, we should be OK. Granted, I am fortunate to live in an area with few coronavirus cases, but I do not have the patience to sanitize everything that comes into my home as well as furniture and floors, or leave things outdoors or in my garage for a prescribed number of hours or days, depending on what it is. Of course this would all be different for those who have an infected person recovering in their home. To stress over what to use, how to use it, for how long on what surface is not healthy either.

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Shona Clarke

Peroxide is great for quartz countertops yes. Wood is difficult to disinfect with anything because it’s porous and absorbs liquid. Peroxide will do the job if you really need to, but you’ll need to re-oil the wood afterwards.

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I'm very afraid of COVID. So we wash all the surfaces with solution of water with alcohol and bleach


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