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The brief was to transform the apartment into a home that was suited to our client’s (a young married couple) needs of entertainment and desire for an open plan. By reimagining the spatial hierarchy of a typical Singaporean home, the existing living room was converted nto a guest room, 2 bedrooms were also transformed into a single living space centered in the heart of the apartment. White frameless doors were used in the master and guest bedrooms, extending and brightening the hallway when left open. Accents of graphic and color were also used against a pared down material palette to form the backdrop for the owners’ collection of objects and artwork that was a reflection of the young couple’s vibrant personalities. Photographer: Tessa Choo
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It's tough to keep your deco options simple when you have limited amount of space with BTO houses nowadays. Yet, this raw scandinavian home exudes a delightful charm to be in by choosing to accentuate various part of the house with fun and vibrant furniture. By Couple Abode Pte Ltd
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Luxe colonial resort style as the overall interior design concept. In order to cater the space to a larger group of people, the kitchen was redesigned into an open concept style, and one of the rooms was opened up and redesigned as a flexible space for entertainment, dining and work. Project Year: 2017 Project Team: Charmaine Wong Jacob Ishak Photos By: Food & Shelter Co.
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Featuring sleek modern lines and most importantly a thoughtful orientation of available space for maximum functionality. Project by Arcadia Design Group - Blum UrbanKitchen Best Partner of the Year 2018
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